Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where's the Caveman?

Okay, so this online insurance quote company doesn't have the hairy little caveman. Or the big white duck. It's a pretty basic website, clear and concise without too much "stuff". Advantage Auto Quotes doesn't have flash intro, dancing pigs, or fireworks following your mouse.

Which is fortunate. It's waaaay too early for that stuff and I'm not even halfway through my coffee. I used to work in insurance and I do recommend this article, Lowering Your Car Insurance Rates if you've ever wondered why your insurance went up or how come you can't bring it down.

Now say a prayer for me. My son is about to get his learner's permit.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back from Mexico

It was a fabulous trip, but when I more closely examined our pictures, I realized a ton of them had us interacting with animals and assorted creepy/crawly critter things. and some other just plain weird stuff.

Made me think of back in the day, when you had to go to your parents' friend's houses and sit through slideshows of their vacations while they stood up and droned, "And here we are getting wet at Niagra Falls."


"And here we are having dinner with the Shubalsky's."


"And here we are with a squirrel."


"And here's a tree."

All while we tried to stay awake.

So, here's my version of our Mexican slideshow. Try to keep your eyes open, now.

Here we are contracting bird flu.

Here I am wondering if sushi is a bad idea around here.

Here we were inquiring about the freshness of the meat.

Here we were drawing straws on who had to turn the lights off on the way out.

Here we are wondering just how many crabs we need to order.

And here is Joe with something that the sea threw up one morning.

No, seriously now, I LOVE Mexico. But if I had taken a bunch of normal pictures my slideshow might sound like this......

"And here's the Shubalsky's next to a coconut tree......"

I just couldn't put you through that. Adios!

Friday, July 13, 2007


This just in...our local police station had all of its toilets stolen.

Police have nothing to go on.

*Okay, I read it in Reader's Digest....but it cracked me up. I'm easily amused.